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Aaron Jarvis

1st time passer
I was highly recommended to Matt by a couple of people after I failed with a previous instructor, and what I found is that he provides a different driving experience, with Matt as my instructor I passed first time around and have completed the pass plus. After learning with Matt I feel that I am a better driver than I ever could have been with last instructor. When I was with my previous instructor I hated driving lessons but that soon changed when Matt taught me to be an overall better driver. Matt is one of the best instructors, and blokes, out there and he provides a relaxed, laid back but completely professional environment to enhance your ability even though Matt isnít the cheapest instructor, but you pay for what you are getting.

Passionate. That is the one word I would use to describe Matt. Passionate about teaching, his job and making you a safer driver. I started driving lessons with Matt after a recommendation by a friend, ...
B. Shaw

I started to take my driving lessons as soon as I turned 17, I had another instructor at first though who I learned to drive with for twelve months. I did not feel I was getting anywhere and was refer ...
S. Kidger

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