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Aimee-Ellar Bye

Matt has been a fantastic instructor from beginning to end. After failing my first test when I was 17, I left it 6 years before learning to drive again and it was finally with Matt that I actually felt comfortable and confident again. Even though I didn´t pass my test on my second or third go, Matt stuck by me and helped me overcome my fears and anxiety. I couldn´t recommend him highly enough as an instructor, if it wasn´t for him, I´d still be catching the bus! Thank you so much Matt

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt. He was often a hard task master and I sometimes thought he was 'picky' but soon realised that it was for my benefit. I felt relaxed when I was having ...
D. Wagner

I passed my test first time with Matt with just five minors and was over the moon but also saddened that my learning experience with Matt had ended. Not only is Matt one of the highest qualified drivi ...
Laura Tomkinson

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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