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Amy Slater

1st time passer
When I began learning to drive, I found that it was much more difficult for me than I had anticipated. I struggled with a lot of the elements of driving and panicked when there was a lot going on around me. Matt was extremely patient and understanding and always told me what to do to improve and progress my driving. He went above and beyond to help me overcome issues with panicking and always kept my spirits high. In addition to highlighting the things that I needed to work on, Matt would always point out the positive aspects of my driving. His style of teaching is second to none and you will feel comfortable in his presence. Thank you Matt!

Matt is an excellent driving instructor, who always pushed me to do better whilst ensuring that I felt safe and confident. He didn´t just focus on how to pass the test, he focused on teaching me ...
Ian Fisher

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt. He was often a hard task master and I sometimes thought he was 'picky' but soon realised that it was for my benefit. I felt relaxed when I was having ...
D. Wagner

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