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B. Shaw

1st time passer
Passionate. That is the one word I would use to describe Matt. Passionate about teaching, his job and making you a safer driver. I started driving lessons with Matt after a recommendation by a friend, and since my first lesson I never looked back. He is flexible when it comes to booking lessons, honest and reliable. He gave me clear and achievable goals for each lesson and I could see my confidence grow with each lesson. Matt turned out to not be the stunned faced instructor that I'd dreaded and his humour and character eased my nerves of my first lesson. Matt may criticise on what might seem minor errors but he does it for your own good. I didn't think I was ready for my test when Matt told me to book it however it showed that he had the confidence in me to pass. I passed first time 6 weeks later.

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Matt, it wasnt like I was a pupil, I felt at ease around him and felt I could easilly express my thoughts. The morning of my test I was far more nervous than I ...
Lindsay Towler

I had driving lessons with Matt around 5 years ago when I was 17 years old. Matt was the first and only driving instructor that I had. Matt is passionate, dedicated and committed about his job and wil ...
L. Guiver

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