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E Rudge

1st time passer
I've been learning with Matt for a few months, prior to having lessons with Matt I had 2 other instructors which both packed in. Out off all my instructors I found Matt to be very calm, easy going and I really did learn more with Matt than anybody else. I was recommended by two friends to go with Matt Lee, so I started driving with him. It gave me more confidence knowing that Matt was a highly qualified driving instructor. I felt as though I was progressing more and more each lesson, they where enjoyable and fun, but he is extremely honest and critical.

I would recommend Matt to anybody he is a lovely person and great to get on with!! I passed my test first time round with only 4 driving faults. I am really grateful to him for getting this far. when I started driving with him I really didn't think I would pass my test because I didn't have any confidence in my self but he had all the faith in the world in me, thanks to Matt I did this the first time. I just want to say thank you so much Matt for everything you have done for me, never thought I would do it.

Matt came highly recommended to me by a friend who had passed first time with him. When I started driving lessons with Matt I went from driving the same route on quiet roads (with my previous instruct ...
R. Parkinson

Id had lessons before but not really progressed, so my sister recommended Matt (she passed her test first time with him). He really put me at my ease when I was nervous at the beginning, and as I bec ...
Sam Denney

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