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Emma Grayson

1st time passer
Matt was a great driving instructor and a lovely guy. He was very patient and understanding and if I was struggling with anything he would make sure i understood and wouldn´t move on until i got it. I never thought it would only take a few months to pass my test but with all Matt´s help and focus I managed to pass my test first time. Massive thanks to matt and i would recommend him to absolutely everyone

Before choosing matt lee I chose another driving instructor from someone else’s recommendation it was a nightmare! He even made me cry haha! Thankfully I knew quite a few people who had matt lee as a ...
C. Bell

I passed my driving test the first time with Matt Lee (with only 3 minors) after failing three times previously with a different instructor. I'd had a break from driving after my failed tests and desp ...
Keren Hardgrave

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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