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Jaime Westcott

I may not have passed first time like some drivers, but Matt was with me every step of the way to completing my driving test. He´s the most down to earth person I´ve met, he tells you straight whether you´re doing great or if you´re just plain terrible. Matt was thorough, to make sure I understood what was essential to performing a good manoeuvre. He prompts when needed and it can be really helpful to make sure you´re driving safely. All in all, he´s more than a decent bloke who you can have a laugh with for an hour or two, he is without a doubt the best driving instructor and I couldn´t have passed without him

I really enjoyed my time with Matt as my driving instructor, he was flexible and always made time to fit me in with a lesson, he is very forward with your driving, he says it how it is which helped me ...
C. Greenwood

I started driving with matt in december 2011 and by june 2012 i had passsed my driving test at the first attempt. matt is one of the best instructors in the area, if not the best, his high percentage ...
Lewis Sambrook

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