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Jordan Langbridge

In my first lesson with Matt I felt that i had learnt more in that one hour than all of my lessons beforehand. I had failed twice before with two previous instructors, and had lost all confidence. However, Matt's approach to teaching put me at ease and boosted my confidence. I had very limited time available to do my lessons, but he found the time i needed far out of the hours i was expecitng, he'd teach you at midnight if you needed it! He's highly professional but also extremely down to earth, this is shown by the calliber of his lessons and his drving qualifications. He's a fun guy to be around which makes all the difference when your having 2 hour long lessons. I couldn't think of anyone who would be more suited to teach people to drive. I passed straight away with only 3 minors with Matt and would highly recommend him to anybody whos starting out learning or finding it a struggle. Not only did i get my driving license, I made a good friend too! Thanks for everything Matt, really appreciate it.

When I began learning to drive, I found that it was much more difficult for me than I had anticipated. I struggled with a lot of the elements of driving and panicked when there was a lot going on arou ...
Amy Slater

I passed with only 4 minor faults with Matt. He was a great instructor and I felt I could have a laugh with him as well as learn to a great standard. He always pushed me to drive well and safely and h ...
Robert Wood

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