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L. Dickinson

In my lessons Matt was always very professional but made the lessons very enjoyable. Matt always pushed me to my limits within a sensible time limit. When I thought I couldn't do something Matt would always prove I could do it. Even after a bad driving lesson I would always be told how I could improve but it was always emphasised what I did correctly. During lessons Matt would also help me with my theory work which I passed first time, I also passed my driving test first time with two minors. Matt was a very good driving instructor and made my driving lessons fun and made me thoroughly enjoy learning to drive. His learning technique seems to stick and now after nearly two years of driving everything I've been taught is still there and still helping me learn on new roads and routes. Thanks Matt and I will recommend him to anyone else who wants a reliable and good driving instructor.

Matt is one of, if not the best instructor in the area, not only through his qualifications, but also through his patience and ability to bond with his students in a professional yet friendly manner. ...
Natalie Wright

Before choosing matt lee I chose another driving instructor from someone else’s recommendation it was a nightmare! He even made me cry haha! Thankfully I knew quite a few people who had matt lee as a ...
C. Bell

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