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Laura Green

1st time passer
-Passed first time

I thoughly enjoyed learning to drive with Matt. It wasnt like a typical lesson, i felt confident around him and felt i could chat with Matt. Before my test he also did breathing exercises with me, which helped me and calmed me down a great deal. I found that Matt genuinlly wanted to help and tried to teach me in the best possible way that benefitted me and how i learn. He also went at a teaching pace which was best for me. Not to mention his car is really nice!

Thanks for everything Matt couldnt have done it without you !

Passed first time with matt, hes a great instructor and understands the importance of a good teacher pupil relationship. I was learning with matt for just over 10 months and since starting he has alw ...
Maryleigh Parker

A massive thank you to Matt for being so patient and understanding whilst teaching me to drive. Matt helped me pass my test first time along with other members of my family. He has been an amazing ins ...
Bonnie Shipley

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