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Laura Green

1st time passer
-Passed first time

I thoughly enjoyed learning to drive with Matt. It wasnt like a typical lesson, i felt confident around him and felt i could chat with Matt. Before my test he also did breathing exercises with me, which helped me and calmed me down a great deal. I found that Matt genuinlly wanted to help and tried to teach me in the best possible way that benefitted me and how i learn. He also went at a teaching pace which was best for me. Not to mention his car is really nice!

Thanks for everything Matt couldnt have done it without you !

i learnt to drive with matt after he was recommended to me by my brother and some of his friends. matt was always very patient with me especially when i made silly mistakes because i was very nervous! ...
Jessica Pearson

First of all i would like to say a HUGE thank you to Matt, who has been such a support, great help and who is bloody good at his job. At 8 months pregnant and with a deadline to pass my test h ...
Zoe Wood

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