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Lauren Hillary

1st time passer
I had learnt with 3 different instructors before deciding to switch to Matt as my sister passed first time with him and sung his praises at how good he was. There was quite a few times when I felt like giving up as I had been learning for so long but Matt kept me positive and made me see it would it be silly to give up when I had come so far. He never made me feel stupid when I asked questions about things I didn't understand and went through things thoroughly and was extremely encouraging.

Thank you Matt for all your time and patience, especially when I used to do ridiculously stupid things!


Matt's easy going, calm nature made learning to drive an enjoyable experience for me. Matt's lessons are in-depth, practical and informative which should give any learner the confidence to develop int ...
S. Ladwitch

Finally at the 3rd attempt I have passed my Driving Test. After failing miserably my other 2 tests with previous instructors, I was recommended Matt by a friend and after only 5 months of lea ...
N. Cundy

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