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Lauren Sykes

I have been learning with Matt for some time and have now passed my driving test. I enjoyed every lesson I had as I felt comfortable and could chat with Matt about all sorts. At the start of my lessons, he promised me he would always be honest with me and he did just that. If I was to do something incorrect, he would go through the mistake with me and that helped a lot. He not only learnt me to drive, but to drive safely and this is the most importance aspect of driving. I now have my own car and feel more confident driving alone than what I what I thought I would. Before my test, he did breathing exercises with me and this seemed to help a lot as i felt more calm and ready. I recommend Matt to anyone who is ready to learn to drive as he is a fun and friendly guy and you will be learning with the best instructor around here....and in a very nice car! :) thanks for everything Matt and watch out for me on the road!

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt. He was often a hard task master and I sometimes thought he was 'picky' but soon realised that it was for my benefit. I felt relaxed when I was having ...
D. Wagner

Matt is one of, if not the best instructor in the area, not only through his qualifications, but also through his patience and ability to bond with his students in a professional yet friendly manner. ...
Natalie Wright

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