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Matthew Hall

When I started to learn to drive I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, however I began to love it due to Matt's teaching and personality. On the driving side of things he's a great instructor who is able to help you sort out any problems whilst being patient. He's also able to have a joke with you and keep a positive mood, which is something I thought made the experience even better, and made me enjoy each lesson. He was also very approachable, often reassuring me that "There is never a stupid question". Even when as a pupil I had made a big mistake he is able to rebuild your confidence by reinforcing what you can do and what you know, never making you want to quit or give up. He has also introduced the use of a camera in the car which is beneficial to anyone learning, as you are able to watch over previous lessons and refresh your memory, or see where you need to improve. After passing my test with just 2 minors I was very happy with myself and very thankful to have been able to have the lessons from Matt, and would recommend him to anyone even just considering starting lessons.

Thanks again Matt!

I passed my driving test the first time with Matt Lee (with only 3 minors) after failing three times previously with a different instructor. I'd had a break from driving after my failed tests and desp ...
Keren Hardgrave

I never really felt confident about learning to drive but learning with Matt gave me confidence in driving, he is a great teacher and would recommend him to anyone
Callum Wiltshire

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