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Natalie Nager

Honestly cannot recommend Matt enough, thanks to him I passed with only 5 minors and most importantly I now feel safe and confident at all times on the roads. He is very honest and easy to talk to, not only about driving but also general conversation whilst always maintaining a professional approach. Matt is always 100% reliable and very accommodating to his pupils requirements. Even on test day Matt always maintains a calm and relaxed approach, this in turn is a calm influence over you as a driver and even if you still feel nervous Matt is always on hand with breathing exercises and techniques to calm you down (which surprisingly actually do work!) Having being recommended Matt through a friend myself I would more than happily recommend him to any of my other friends. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with him and cannot thank Matt enough for all his support and guidance.

Matt's easy going, calm nature made learning to drive an enjoyable experience for me. Matt's lessons are in-depth, practical and informative which should give any learner the confidence to develop int ...
S. Ladwitch

I passed my test first time with 1 minor.... thankyou Matt. To say i was quitting and crying on my second lesson and talked about quitting... he gave me the confidence to follow the lesson through and ...
Alisia Parker

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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