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Natalie Wright

1st time passer
Matt is one of, if not the best instructor in the area, not only through his qualifications, but also through his patience and ability to bond with his students in a professional yet friendly manner. He teaches at the pace of the student and is honest throughout, giving positive criticisms where needed, yet consistently praises when required. With the help from Matt, I managed to pass first time with only 3 driving errors, but this would not have been possible without him - on the morning of my test I was extremely nervous, but by going through the breathing exercises with me and telling me to hydrate myself with plenty of water, I did it, therefore I am extremely grateful and would recommend him to anyone. Not only is he a top driving instructor, he´s also a top guy, so thanks Matt!

I tried learning to drive a few years ago but didnít get very far because I was so nervous! I left it for a while and a friend told me to go to Matt Lee so I thought I would give him a go. Matt was ve ...
L. Williams

I have been learning with Matt for some time and have now passed my driving test. I enjoyed every lesson I had as I felt comfortable and could chat with Matt about all sorts. At the start of my lesson ...
Lauren Sykes

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