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S. Jones.

1st time passer
I chose to have driving lessons with Matt after hearing really good recommendations from some friends. Matt went out of his way to make sure he could fit you in when you wanted, even if that meant working late into the night! I was very nervous when I had my first lesson but Matt talked me through everything I needed to know before I began driving the car, which made me feel much more relaxed and confident. Matt also gives pupils a driving book which monitors your progress with driving and manoeuvres which I found very helpful. Matt didn't rush or pressure me into booking my driving test, which meant I felt prepared on the day of my exam. We did a mock exam on the run up to my test which prepared me to what would happen on the day of my test.

After passing my test first time with only 3 minors (which is the average minors pupils get with Matt, this is a great credit to Matt and shows his dedication and commitment to pupils. And proves Matt’s skills as a driving instructor!) I proceeded onto Pass Plus which was definitely an adventure and greatly improved my confidence driving on the motorway, also driving through the middle of Leeds which I never thought I would be doing!

Matt is strict, but only to get you driving to your best ability, he also makes driving lessons very fun and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a great driving instructor!

I passed my driving test the first time with Matt Lee (with only 3 minors) after failing three times previously with a different instructor. I'd had a break from driving after my failed tests and desp ...
Keren Hardgrave

i learnt to drive with matt after he was recommended to me by my brother and some of his friends. matt was always very patient with me especially when i made silly mistakes because i was very nervous! ...
Jessica Pearson

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