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Stefanie Wright

I came to Matt after a few (well more than a few really) failed tests, a couple of different instructors and a yearlong break from learning. I explained the problems I'd had and that I suffer panic attacks under test conditions. Matt wasn't phased by any of it!! He teaches in a completely different way to the other instructors. He's relaxed and really knows his stuff!! He tells it as it is too, no beating round the bush at all, and he always praises when you've done well which I found a massive help as he was pointing out things which I didnít notice were coming naturally. He makes things seem so easy and bumped my confidence way up! Now Iíve passed and am so confident driving myself and my children around and itís thanks to Mattís excellent teaching methods. Once again, thank you Matt, and apologies for all the abuse :) speak soon x

Matt is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for. He speaks to you like an adult (when you tell him to) and isn´t condescending. A sound guy who´ll get you passed first time. If i ...
Cameron Thorpe

I've been learning with Matt for a few months, prior to having lessons with Matt I had 2 other instructors which both packed in. Out off all my instructors I found Matt to be very calm, easy going and ...
E Rudge

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