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Zoe Wood

First of all i would like to say a HUGE thank you to Matt, who has been such a support, great help and who is bloody good at his job.

At 8 months pregnant and with a deadline to pass my test he turned what could have been a very stressful situation into an enjoyable, productive and successful one. I have had three other instructors over the space of about 2 years. Matt could have easily done what the others did and try and teach me his method of driving and taken me back to basics, costing me more money and taking more time. But, he didn't. Each session was catered to what i needed to work on and the only focus was safety!

I was once told ' once you've passed you won't need to drive like this' by another instructor believe it or not. What a crock! Matt won't teach you how to pass, but how to drive safely which in turn enables you to pass your test!

A no-nonsense but friendly and approachable guy who you can have a laugh with, he's not going to try squeeze every last penny from you, but simply help you on your way to becoming a safe and successful driver. A pleasure to learn with, i would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, no matter what your skill level. His teaching methods are flawless.

Thanks Matt

I am over the moon about passing my driving test 1st time, I never thought it would happen but its all down to matt lee who was a fantastic driving instructor who gave me good advice and was a brillia ...
Lynsey Sayles

I really enjoyed my time with Matt as my driving instructor, he was flexible and always made time to fit me in with a lesson, he is very forward with your driving, he says it how it is which helped me ...
C. Greenwood

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