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A. Iveson

I chose Matt Lee as my driving instructor due to several excellent recommendations that I had heard about him. He proved to be a highly competent instructor; my lessons were always well planned and enjoyable. Matt is very approachable and easy to talk to, plus very thorough and after I passed my test I felt like a safe driver thanks to him. I passed second time and received 6 minor faults; after I passed I also did my Pass Plus course with Matt. I was very satisfied with the course and he helped me complete it without delay, which allowed me to get a discount on my car insurance. Thanks Matt!

My name is Danny and I had previously been having a few lessons with another driving instructor but had to cut that short, but after having a few hours with Matt teaching I realised that the last inst ...
D. Wood.

Just want to say a big thank you to Matt lee for helping me pass my driving test... I would recommend him to anyone as he is very helpful and patient. My lessons with Matt went really well I enjoyed t ...
Lauren Walters

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