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D. Wagner

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt. He was often a hard task master and I sometimes thought he was 'picky' but soon realised that it was for my benefit. I felt relaxed when I was having my lessons and I personally feel that Matt was the best instructor I could have had. Due to his good teaching I passed with only 4 minors on my second test. If I had not made a stupid mistake on my first test I would have passed with no minors

I felt I made progression each week learn new skills and developing old at the same time, constantly making progress and building up my confidence and experience as a road users, I felt Matt was a gre ...
Hollie Jones

Matt is the best driving instructor around. Every lesson was enjoyable, he is a really easy going, friendly guy. Driving lessons can be very nerve racking and stressful but when you start your lessons ...

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