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Alisia Parker

1st time passer
I passed my test first time with 1 minor.... thankyou Matt. To say i was quitting and crying on my second lesson and talked about quitting... he gave me the confidence to follow the lesson through and look at me now!!! if you can pass me there is hope for everyone.

Im a hand full and we got on well. Honest guy and so comfortable to be around. I would well recommend him!!!!!

see you for my pass plus!!!!

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Matt. He had a professional approach. Each lesson was thorough, helpful, varied, yet fun at the same time. My confidence grew as I saw myself improve each time ...
C. Burton

I would definitely recommend matt to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a very safe, yet relaxed and comfortable manner. Matt is a highly qualified and reliable instructor who taught me to drive at m ...
Elle Jones

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