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Anna Cheesbrough

1st time passer
I was recommended to Matt by a couple of friends so I was learning with him for nearly 8 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. He is funny and easy to get along with, and you can talk to him about pretty much anything. When I first started learning to drive, he told me that he would always be honest with me and he stuck by that all the way through. He understands the importance of developing a good teacher pupil relationship which means you can be honest with each other and have a more enjoyable experience of learning to drive. When learning to drive, Matt doesn't just teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to drive safely and be more aware on the road. He also taught me how to get over my nerves before my driving test, because I was very nervous beforehand and scared I would fail because of it. I strongly recommend him to anyone about to learn to drive, he's a brilliant driving instructor and I'm grateful to have had the pleasure of learning with him.

Thank you Matt for everything!!..

I passed with only 4 minor faults with Matt. He was a great instructor and I felt I could have a laugh with him as well as learn to a great standard. He always pushed me to drive well and safely and h ...
Robert Wood

Matt lee is a great driving instructor as well as a friend. I started having lesson with him in February and passed my test first time with only 4 driving faults on 11/11/11. On the day of my test ...
Charlotte Bartrop

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