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Becky Whitley

1st time passer
I passed my driving test first time with Matt after he was recommended to me by my brother who also past first time. I was extremely nervous on my first lesson but Matt quickly put me at ease and always made my lessons fun and enjoyable. Unlike other driving instructors, Matt has many qualifications and vast experience which is shown in the quality of lessons. After passing my test I went on to complete Pass Plus with Matt which was extremely beneficial and I would recommend it to everyone. Matt helped me to gain confidence whilst driving and I would highly recommend people to learn with him. Thanks for everything Matt.

I had lessons with a well known company to start with, I didn't feel like I was progressing. The company I was originally with who was teaching me was actually a trainee driving instructor. I was reco ...
E Wiltshire

Matt is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for. He speaks to you like an adult (when you tell him to) and isn´t condescending. A sound guy who´ll get you passed first time. If i ...
Cameron Thorpe

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