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Brad Marsden

1st time passer
I would recommend Matt Lee to anyone looking for a driving instructor, in the Pontefract/Castleford area. He is one of the best qualified in the area, with one of the highest first-time pass rates also, which is what made me go with him in the first place. He also has the use of an in-car camera, that films your lessons, which helps when you make a mistake to go back and analyse it. Once I started my lessons, it was easy to see why his pass rates are so high. Matt not only teaches you to pass your test, but to drive to a high, safe standard aswell. He's a very likeable guy, who I got on really well with during my lessons, and was actually sad once I passed that I'd no longer be having lessons with him. I passed first time, with only 5 minors, and that is all down to Matt's superb teaching. I really can't recommend him highly enough. Cheers mate!

I was driving with Matt for just under a year and I truly believe he is the best driving instructor you can have. I passed first time and I believe its because I was always in a calm environment when ...
Candice Baldwin

Matt lee is one of the best instructors I´ve ever come across.He has lots of individual tips to help improve your driving,he teaches you how to drive and not just to pass your test all while hav ...
Scott Waddington

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