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Elle Jones

I would definitely recommend matt to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a very safe, yet relaxed and comfortable manner. Matt is a highly qualified and reliable instructor who taught me to drive at my own pace, put me at ease and had tonnes of patience when I made the same mistakes over and over again! He makes sure that you are happy with what you are doing, each lesson, and if you want to use it he has an in-built camera, so that you are able to watch back your lessons and identify problem areas to work on for next time. I think this addition was very helpful as it not only helped correct, and pick out problems, but helped refresh your memory for your next lesson. I´m very glad that I learnt to drive with Matt and now feel confident enough driving on my own, remembering everything he´s taught me! he´s a very friendly guy and a brilliant instructor!

thanks Matt.

I would HIGHLY recommend Matt Lee as a driving instructor. He not only teaches you how to drive safely and well enough to pass your driving test, but also teaches you driving skills that will last yo ...
Tracy Channell-Napier

When I first started driving with Matt I didn´t think I had the capability to drive, he soon helped me gain more confidence in myself which reflected through my driving. I found our lessons very ...
Carly Scott

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