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C. Bell

1st time passer
Before choosing matt lee I chose another driving instructor from someone else’s recommendation it was a nightmare! He even made me cry haha! Thankfully I knew quite a few people who had matt lee as a driving instructor so i decided t o give him a ring and I have no regrets what so ever. Matt lee seemed to teach me a lot quicker and I learnt a lot more. I passed first time with only four minors. I found the lessons with matt calm and he had a lot of patience, although at stop junctions he might often slam on the brakes so just remember to stop haha.

Although the lessons aren’t as cheap as other driving instructors it is definitely worth it – after all you only get what you pay for! And having knew about Matt Lee before hand I would have definitely have gone to him first, you definitely won’t go to another driving instructor. I have also recommended one of my friends which had a previous driving instructor and she is now currently learning with him. My sister also used matt and passed first time. One thing is matt wont put you in for your test unless you are ready and it shows a lot through his great pass rate! Thank you!

I would HIGHLY recommend Matt Lee as a driving instructor. He not only teaches you how to drive safely and well enough to pass your driving test, but also teaches you driving skills that will last yo ...
Tracy Channell-Napier

I chose Matt Lee as my driving instructor due to several excellent recommendations that I had heard about him. He proved to be a highly competent instructor; my lessons were always well planned and en ...
A. Iveson

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