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L. Guiver

1st time passer
I had driving lessons with Matt around 5 years ago when I was 17 years old. Matt was the first and only driving instructor that I had. Matt is passionate, dedicated and committed about his job and will aim to make sure not only can you pass your driving test, but that you are also a safe driver.

I got on really well with Matt. He was really flexible about lesson times, and about where I could be picked up from before the lesson and dropped off after the lesson. Matt gave me clear goals that I needed to achieve, and was honest with my progress. I didn't feel that I was rushed into taking my test nor did I feel that less ons had dragged on for too long. I passed my test first time, and got no minorís, A clean sheet!!! I feel that this shows how well Matt teaches, and the standard he teaches to.

I can honestly say that Matt is a Kind, Hardworking and Funny guy, and will make sure that you become a competent and safe driver.

When I began learning to drive, I found that it was much more difficult for me than I had anticipated. I struggled with a lot of the elements of driving and panicked when there was a lot going on arou ...
Amy Slater

I was recommended to Matt by a couple of friends so I was learning with him for nearly 8 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. He is funny and easy to get along with, and you can talk to him abo ...
Anna Cheesbrough

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