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Carly Scott

1st time passer
When I first started driving with Matt I didn´t think I had the capability to drive, he soon helped me gain more confidence in myself which reflected through my driving. I found our lessons very enjoyable and was always at ease if there was anything I didn´t understand Matt was always happy to go over it again.

Thanks to Matt I passed first time and not only have I gained a driving licence, I have also learned how to drive to a high safe standard.

U would highly recommend Matt to anyone wishing to take lessons

Matt has been a fantastic instructor from beginning to end. After failing my first test when I was 17, I left it 6 years before learning to drive again and it was finally with Matt that I actually fel ...
Aimee-Ellar Bye

I just wanted to say thank you and u really r a credit to yourself. I've had to make a few long journeys on motorways by myself, I feel confident and comfortable doing so and still in my mind i have t ...
Zoe Wood

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