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Lindsay Towler

1st time passer
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Matt, it wasnt like I was a pupil, I felt at ease around him and felt I could easilly express my thoughts. The morning of my test I was far more nervous than I thought I would be so he did breathing exercises with me, which although I thought sounded stupid at the time really worked, and I passed 1st time. Matt actually builds up a friendship and we had a laugh, he certainly takes you at your own pace and he tought me in a way that suited me perfectly. I have done and will carry on to reccomend Matt to anyone who is wanting to take lessons.

Thanks for everything Matt couldnt have done it without you.

I was highly recommended to Matt by a couple of people after I failed with a previous instructor, and what I found is that he provides a different driving experience, with Matt as my instructor I pas ...
Aaron Jarvis

What can I say about Matt Lee, I was so nervous on my first lesson and straight away he put me completely at ease, hes easy-going, patient and he makes the lessons enjoyable! From each lesson I could ...
Alys Brownridge

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