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Charlotte Wardle

1st time passer
I found Matt Lee professional, dependable and fanatical about driving which provided me with confidence, enabling me to pass my driving test the 1st time with 3 minors. Matt is a delight to be around and can be approached whilst being professional at the same time.

At first, I was anxious and uneducated about driving however; my driving knowledge, ability and confidence expanded over a short period of time due to Mattís encouragement. Matt did not put me under any anxiety at all at anytime but listened to me and provided support whenever I required it. Matt was my 1st driving instructor and Iím delighted I decided to opt for him.

Overall, I would recommend Matt Lee to anybody who is thinking of taking driving lessons due to his wide range of abilities and in general his approach towards getting the best out of new drivers and coaching them basic and sophisticated knowledge of the roads. I had such a great time learning to drive with Matt and urge people to choose Matt Lee before anyone else!

Finally at the 3rd attempt I have passed my Driving Test. After failing miserably my other 2 tests with previous instructors, I was recommended Matt by a friend and after only 5 months of lea ...
N. Cundy

I would recommend Matt Lee to anyone looking for a driving instructor, in the Pontefract/Castleford area. He is one of the best qualified in the area, with one of the highest first-time pass rates als ...
Brad Marsden

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