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Keren Hardgrave

1st time passer
I passed my driving test the first time with Matt Lee (with only 3 minors) after failing three times previously with a different instructor. I'd had a break from driving after my failed tests and desperately needed to get my confidence back. I chose to learn with Matt because of his extensive qualifications and his lovely Mini, which I really enjoyed driving.

Matt is very professional but also really easy to get along with; he makes lessons fun and I looked forward to learning more each time. Matt helped me with my observation a great deal which in turn has made me a better driver and massively improved my confidence on the road (previously I had a nasty habit of missing give way lines and stop signs!).

On the day of my test I was still a little nervous but wasn't panicking or shaking as I had before; I think because I was more confident in my improved driving ability and also had Matt sit in the back of the car during the test too which reassured me. Matt's teaching style and experience has enabled me to become a better driver; driving confidently on my own now and even on the motorway!

I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to be a good driver and especially anyone who was in my situation.... so happy that I'm now part of his great pass rate! HUGE thanks Matt! x

so happy I passed first time with only two minors with Matt I never thought I could do that well. Learning with Matt helped boost my confidence on the road and he teaches to a high standard making you ...
Olivia Jackson

Matt is a great instructor who you can talk to and who does everything he can to make the learning experience the best it can be and get you to a really high level of driving so your safe when you pas ...
Dani Cook

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