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E Wiltshire

1st time passer
I had lessons with a well known company to start with, I didn't feel like I was progressing. The company I was originally with who was teaching me was actually a trainee driving instructor. I was recommended by two friends to go with Matt Lee, so I started driving with him. It gave me more confident to know that Matt was a highly qualified driving instructor. I felt as though I was progressing more and more each lesson, they where enjoyable and fun, but he is extremely honest and critical which has allowed me to be the driver I am today. It was extremely difficult to get out of my old habits which I had with my original driving instructor, but these were all ironed out the with time by matt. I passed in June 2009, first time with only 3 minors.

I've been learning with Matt for a few months, prior to having lessons with Matt I had 2 other instructors which both packed in. Out off all my instructors I found Matt to be very calm, easy going and ...
E Rudge

I was driving with Matt for just under a year and I truly believe he is the best driving instructor you can have. I passed first time and I believe its because I was always in a calm environment when ...
Candice Baldwin

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