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H Shipley

1st time passer
Anyone would be in good hands having Matt as their driving instructor. I gave him a ring after hearing several glowing reports from friends and I must admit I was rather nervous (Id previously been with another guy whod hit me with a bottle when I did something wrong!!) but Matt was welcoming, friendly and never violent! Id be the first to admit I was a difficult pupil and took a while to grasp even the easiest of manoeuvres. Matt was patient, kind and full of constructive criticism. He gave me the assurance that things would eventually click and sure enough he was right. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors and proceeded onto Pass Plus adventures in the Mini which gave me even greater confidence in driving. Without Matts tolerance, humour and experience (not that hes old) Id never be as competent a driver as I am and I give him the greatest of heartfelt thanks.

When I began learning to drive, I found that it was much more difficult for me than I had anticipated. I struggled with a lot of the elements of driving and panicked when there was a lot going on arou ...
Amy Slater

Passed first time with matt, hes a great instructor and understands the importance of a good teacher pupil relationship. I was learning with matt for just over 10 months and since starting he has alw ...
Maryleigh Parker

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