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S. Kidger

1st time passer
I started to take my driving lessons as soon as I turned 17, I had another instructor at first though who I learned to drive with for twelve months. I did not feel I was getting anywhere and was refereed to Matt, by a few friends who highly recommended him.Some instructors aren't very prompt or interested but Matt was totally different is flexibility and dedication shone straight away.

On my first lesson he explained everything thoroughly to me and explained what we would be aiming for over the next few weeks, I was then given a book which helped me to keep track on my progress and set targets for the weeks to come, I found that the book also with the constant encouragement from Matt helped me to carry on going and see what I had achieved when the times got tough .Believe me driving to me looked a doddle but it weren't,some people picked it up easy but not me ha ! it needs a good instructor with time and patience to help you get through it. I found my confidence very low when behind the wheel due to me being in a car crash at the age of 14, Matt helped me to overcome my fear even though I used to throw the teddy out of the cot ha ! and pass my test.

I highly recommend Matt and wish that I would have used Matt right from the start his constant patience encouragement and dedication helped me to pass my test THANKS MATT ! ! ! PS if you decide to chose Matt you will never need a second instructor ! and he will try to the best of his ability to work round you for lessons even if it is twelve at night ha only kidding ! oops sorry Matt ! his pass rates amazing so don't mess about book your first lesson!!!

What can I say about Matt Lee, I was so nervous on my first lesson and straight away he put me completely at ease, hes easy-going, patient and he makes the lessons enjoyable! From each lesson I could ...
Alys Brownridge

Anyone would be in good hands having Matt as their driving instructor. I gave him a ring after hearing several glowing reports from friends and I must admit I was rather nervous (Id previously been w ...
H Shipley

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