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James Littlewood

1st time passer
I started learning to drive with a different driving school but I soon got disillusioned with their way of teaching. Matt was recommended to me by a friend and from the first lesson I was really glad I changed. Matt is exactly the sort of guy you want to have as a driving instructor because he's friendly and approachable so you can have a laugh while you're with him yet he never fails to say things as they are which really helped me to learn to drive and especially how to think about things on the road. He's a top bloke and I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone that's learning to drive

Thanks again for everything

I wanted to post a testimonial just to say what a patient fantastic driving instructor you are! i have now passed my driving test feeling a more confident and capable driver, thanks to you! I ...
Adam Bell

Matt was a great driving instructor. He is a top quality teacher and he is friendly too. We were able to have a chat and have a laugh sometimes without the standard of teaching being compromised. Ther ...
Luke Whitaker

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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