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1st time passer
Matt is the best driving instructor around. Every lesson was enjoyable, he is a really easy going, friendly guy. Driving lessons can be very nerve racking and stressful but when you start your lessons with Matt all that disappears, he makes learning to drive fun. At times it was very difficult and I wanted to give it all up but Matt sticks by you and makes sure you succeed. Matt is very committed to his job and committed to making sure his pupils succeed. Matt can be strict but it all pays off in the end, I always looked forward to lessons with him and getting a step closer to passing my test. I passed my test first time with Matt with only 3 minors. I am very thankful to him for my success!

Learning with Matt was great; he was very welcoming when I started my lessons and comfortable to be with throughout. He is very honest and has a lot of patience (which was lucky for me!) Overall, Matt ...
Lauren Clayton

-Passed first time I thoughly enjoyed learning to drive with Matt. It wasnt like a typical lesson, i felt confident around him and felt i could chat with Matt. Before my test he also did breath ...
Laura Green

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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