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L. Williams

1st time passer
I tried learning to drive a few years ago but didnít get very far because I was so nervous! I left it for a while and a friend told me to go to Matt Lee so I thought I would give him a go. Matt was very calm and patient with me (Iím sure that was a challenge!) I was very nervous and didnít think I could learn to drive, never mind pass my test! Matt was great! He was always calm and he gave me lots of confidence that I didnít have, he was very patient with me but he knew the right times to push me on and keep me moving forward! When Matt said it was time for my test I didnít feel ready and thought I had no chance of passing, but he insisted he knew best and that I was ready! He was right! I passed first time with only 3 minor faults!!!! Aswell as being a great Driving Instructor he became a good friend too, he was always friendly and he made the lessons fun! I would definitely recommend Matt Lee to anyone learning to drive!!!

In my lessons Matt was always very professional but made the lessons very enjoyable. Matt always pushed me to my limits within a sensible time limit. When I thought I couldn't do something Matt would ...
L. Dickinson

Matt is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for. He speaks to you like an adult (when you tell him to) and isn´t condescending. A sound guy who´ll get you passed first time. If i ...
Cameron Thorpe

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