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Laura Tomkinson

1st time passer
I passed my test first time with Matt with just five minors and was over the moon but also saddened that my learning experience with Matt had ended. Not only is Matt one of the highest qualified driving instructors in the area – he is also the best. Matt provides a professional, yet personal approach to driver training and tailors every lesson to your individual needs. His teaching is at such a high standard he doesn’t teach you to pass your test, he teaches you to drive safely and because of this I now feel confident driving on my own. You’d be making a big mistake learning to drive with another instructor; Matt is the best you can get.

Thank you for everything x

I passed my test first time with 1 minor.... thankyou Matt. To say i was quitting and crying on my second lesson and talked about quitting... he gave me the confidence to follow the lesson through and ...
Alisia Parker

Matt is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for. He speaks to you like an adult (when you tell him to) and isn´t condescending. A sound guy who´ll get you passed first time. If i ...
Cameron Thorpe

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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