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Lauren Clayton

1st time passer
Learning with Matt was great; he was very welcoming when I started my lessons and comfortable to be with throughout. He is very honest and has a lot of patience (which was lucky for me!) Overall, Matt is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for an instructor that will provide an honest and enjoyable learning experience.

Matts a perfect driving instructor. I passed with only 3 minors and I couldn´t be happier. Not only did I feel totally uncomfortable being in a car with a stranger, I felt so small knowing I did ...
Grace Jepson

After my first lesson with Matt I can honestly say I never looked back. Matt is less like a teacher and more like a friend, he has genuine talent as an instructor and the patience of a saint. Matt’s d ...
J Cuttle

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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