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Mark Mackay

1st time passer
Hi, my names Mark Mackay after trying a previous driving instructor, Matt Lee was a credit to himself. Bearing in mind I am 25 and never owned a license, Matt came across with an open minded approach, he says as he sees. Don't get me wrong this is the best way when you're paying the bill. After only 2 lessons the test was booked and after 5 lessons I owned a full driving license, and with only 2 minors. BONUS!!!

After spending 8 months with a previous instructor and getting no where I changed to Matt lee. Best move I ever made. From the very first lesson I felt totally at ease and knew Matt would get me threw ...
Sarah Hampton

I had lessons with a well known company to start with, I didn't feel like I was progressing. The company I was originally with who was teaching me was actually a trainee driving instructor. I was reco ...
E Wiltshire

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