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Sam Denney

1st time passer
Id had lessons before but not really progressed, so my sister recommended Matt (she passed her test first time with him). He really put me at my ease when I was nervous at the beginning, and as I became more confident he continued to add more complicated stuff, always going at my own pace. Hell never rush you over anything youre unsure on, and really knows his stuff. He can answer any question you throw at him, which makes him better than the average instructor who will only teach you how to pass your test, not be safe. Now Im out driving about on my own, Im confident that I know what Im doing as I had such good instruction. With Matts help I passed on my first test with only 3 minors and cant recommend him highly enough.

After spending 8 months with a previous instructor and getting no where I changed to Matt lee. Best move I ever made. From the very first lesson I felt totally at ease and knew Matt would get me threw ...
Sarah Hampton

I never really felt confident about learning to drive but learning with Matt gave me confidence in driving, he is a great teacher and would recommend him to anyone
Callum Wiltshire

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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