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N Roebuck

1st time passer
I had one driving instructor before I started taking lessons from matt and could immediately tell the difference in matt's teaching compared to my last instructor as it was of much higher standard and he made me feel more comfortable as a driver. Matt's really clever when it comes to teaching and shows all his qualifications that most others instructors don't have, are actually worth alot. He's a great guy, good laugh and most of all doesn't just teach you how to pass your test, but teaches you how to be prepared beyond that. Thanks mate.

Before I started my lessons with Matt I did my own research into driving instructors in the area instead of listening to one of the many names I was given. As I am 28 I had waited long enough for the ...
Maria Mitchell-Winn

I´m so pleased I managed to pass my test first time with only 3 minor faults. I decided to learn to drive with Matt after my friend who is a Sergeant in the Police recommended him to me. Matt h ...
Dale Morton

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