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R. Parkinson

1st time passer
Matt came highly recommended to me by a friend who had passed first time with him. When I started driving lessons with Matt I went from driving the same route on quiet roads (with my previous instructor) to driving to a variety of places on main roads, which increased my competence and confidence as a driver.

Matt didn't just teach me the skills I needed to get through my test but also the essential skills needed to stay safe on the road. It gave me great confidence knowing that I was been taught by one of the most highly qualified instructors in the area. I've been driving for six months now and during that time the advice and skills that Matt taught me have stayed with me and helped me mature as a driver.

There are lots of driving instructors out there often making it hard to choose one.If you want somebody who is friendly, professional and dedicated to creating excellent drivers then I'd recommend that you choose Matt.

When I first started driving with Matt I didn´t think I had the capability to drive, he soon helped me gain more confidence in myself which reflected through my driving. I found our lessons very ...
Carly Scott

After spending 8 months with a previous instructor and getting no where I changed to Matt lee. Best move I ever made. From the very first lesson I felt totally at ease and knew Matt would get me threw ...
Sarah Hampton

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