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S. Hillary

1st time passer
Matt is an excellent driving instructor! I passed first time with 5 minors and without the help and confidence Matt had in me, I never would've believed I could pass. Matt has not just taught me how to pass my test, but he has taught me how to be a safe driver, and for that I am ever so grateful! I would definitely recommend him to future learners

In my lessons Matt was always very professional but made the lessons very enjoyable. Matt always pushed me to my limits within a sensible time limit. When I thought I couldn't do something Matt would ...
L. Dickinson

I have been learning with Matt for some time and have now passed my driving test. I enjoyed every lesson I had as I felt comfortable and could chat with Matt about all sorts. At the start of my lesson ...
Lauren Sykes

Get Driving with Matt Lee a highest grade instructor in a Mini Cooper

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