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Sarah Hampton

After spending 8 months with a previous instructor and getting no where I changed to Matt lee. Best move I ever made. From the very first lesson I felt totally at ease and knew Matt would get me threw my test.

My confidence was at rock bottom but matt soon sorted that out. I was hard work but Matt's patients shone threw. I looked forward to every lesson with Matt because I was learning so much from him. Matt made lessons enjoyable and every lesson was different.

Matt is a great guy to know and his teaching skills are second to none. With out Matt's dedication, honesty and encouragement I would never have passed my test. I passed my test with only 3 minors which is Matt's average for pupils.

I will be for ever grateful to matt for learning me to be a safe and competent driver oh and learning me to smile again.

So Mr Matt lee a great big thank you to you for everything and can't wait for the pass plus lessons. Simply the best.

i learnt to drive with matt after he was recommended to me by my brother and some of his friends. matt was always very patient with me especially when i made silly mistakes because i was very nervous! ...
Jessica Pearson

In my lessons Matt was always very professional but made the lessons very enjoyable. Matt always pushed me to my limits within a sensible time limit. When I thought I couldn't do something Matt would ...
L. Dickinson

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