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Zoe Wood

I just wanted to say thank you and u really r a credit to yourself. I've had to make a few long journeys on motorways by myself, I feel confident and comfortable doing so and still in my mind i have tips and lessons u told me. I have even mastered the art of timing when coming to roundabouts and not having to stop and always drive economically and safe. I even think I'm a better driver than my chap now! Thanks again

In my lessons Matt was always very professional but made the lessons very enjoyable. Matt always pushed me to my limits within a sensible time limit. When I thought I couldn't do something Matt would ...
L. Dickinson

Matt came highly recommended to me by a friend who had passed first time with him. When I started driving lessons with Matt I went from driving the same route on quiet roads (with my previous instruct ...
R. Parkinson

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